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What causes the cantilever high speed dispensing machine can

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When the problem of cantilever high speed dispensing machine makes the dispensing machine can not work as usual, you need to check the dispensing machine, what is the reason for this phenomenon? This problem, different high-speed dispenser will have different problems, but some problems are roughly the same. Next I will explain the cantilever high speed dispensing machine specific problems what will happen? What is the cause of these?
Floor type high speed dispenser
In the high speed cantilever glue dispensing work sometimes will appear needle rubber mouth blocked, the main reason lies in the use of the dispensing needle cleaning is not clean, a small amount of glue due to impurities clogging needle problem. Because we usually work with a needle in order to ensure the accuracy of needle aperture using high speed dispensing will be too small and the glue supply gap is too big, too much out of glue dispensing head leading to the needle clogging does not work properly.
Rubber valve leakage phenomenon in general, mainly because of the high speed cantilever dispensing machine use needle is too small will affect the exhaust rubber valve start global work, causing by pressure glue, the results will make the rubber valve will shut down when leakage occurs.
The pipeline will affect the speed of cantilever dispensing glue flow, when the pipeline is too long and the mouth is too narrow, the nozzle pressure is not enough the dispensing velocity is slower than normal, it will affect the actual effect of glue dispensing machine.
Visual floor type high speed dispenser
The glue will sometimes produce a large number of bubbles, the main reason is because of the high speed cantilever dispenser colloid was too much pressure, and rubber valve buckle valve opening time is too short, the external air pressure into the glue, bubbles appear.
The cantilever type high speed dispensing machine may sometimes produce uneven size of glue, which may be caused by the instability of the pressure cylinder or the internal air pressure.
The high viscosity of the glue requires that the fluidity may become weak or not at all, and sometimes the wire drawing will affect the quality and beauty of the product.
Large high-speed visual dispenser
Of course, the wear of high speed dispenser parts may also affect the normal dispensing work. If necessary, it is better to check the fittings for long term wear

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