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How to solve the problem of high speed dispensing machine us

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High speed dispensing machine is based on the principle of working pressure, the glue dispensing valve through the dispensing needle launched to achieve the object surface bonding of a packaging equipment after the relevant treatment, an improved device belongs to the traditional dispensing machine, the control system specially developed to make high-speed dispensing can continue high strength high speed dispensing work, can use mixed rubber and other special liquidity glue dispensing, sometimes drawing the most common problems, so how to solve this problem?
Single station double head high speed dispenser
1. open delay
High speed dispensing glue head and a rubber valve has a gap, while the gap no glue to work, there will be a lack of glue dispensing valve phenomenon, leading to the glue unsaturated pull back will cause the drawing, so in order to prevent this situation caused by the mixing of drawing, usually experienced operator will be open delay, make this a void of glue flows, not because of lack of glue caused by drawing.
Large hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
2. reduce work speed
The dispensing machine continued high-speed dispensing work, if the glue dispensing needle after pulling back the gap is too short, easy to make glue not completely out of the needle is still attached to the lead wire drawing, can reduce the working speed of the glue have a buffer period, but also can enhance the strength to pull back, pull off without causing instant glue brushing, only but it is easy to affect the durability of the needles, the more unstable factors.
Two position high speed dispenser
3. reduce the viscosity of the glue
A part of the needle attached to mix viscosity is too large to flow to the dispensing needle, this situation is a bit like ouduansilian, can improve the heating function of high speed dispensing machine, reduce the viscosity of mixed rubber, which can be normally used for gluing work, also can choose the dispensing of, such as fluorine rubber machine is specially used for high-speed dispensing processing all kinds of glue, glue can achieve maximum utilization rate.

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