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How does high-speed dispensing machine speed up the dispensi

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The glass core fiber using high purity silica glass building, when the light enters the glass core will work along the transmission fiber glass core, which is based on the principle of light reflection of the production, the transmission speed is very fast, high speed dispensing machine application to fiber bonding bonding work throughout the production process, then this dispensing what function of the machine with glass fiber dispensing.
Fiber dispensing product
High speed dispensing machine has a visual monitoring system, through the LED display time observation work schedule and adjust dispensing, high speed dispensing machine with automatic loading and unloading function, the operator only needs to adjust relevant parameter adjustment and responsible for product transfer can be part of the dispensing. Because the glass core fiber is soft, so the dispensing work demand intensity is small, and the high-speed fiber dispensing machine can not only complete the bulk fiber can change the dispensing parameters during the suspension, will not affect the quality of the final product, and ensure the high speed fiber noleak adhesive dispensing machine, reflects the high speed dispensing machine stable.
Multi position hot melt adhesive fiber high speed dispensing machine
Of course, the most important fiber dispensing or alignment problem, most of the fiber manufacturers because of small fiber need precision dispensing problems at work, the traditional manual dispensing line is clearly unable to meet their needs, high speed dispensing machine can realize quantitative dispensing through precision control system, will not appear in the production of glue fiber and other difficulties, this is the working characteristics of quantitative dispenser with special type, embodies the powerful multifunctional high-speed dispensing machine.
Desktop optical fiber high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing machine is equipped with imported stepper motor to provide high pressure dispensing work power, so it can be applied to bulk dispensing such as optical fiber.

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