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Needle jam of high speed dispenser

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High speed dispensing machine is a high-speed multi type dispensing tool, not only has the characteristics of high speed dispensing, through special working procedures to achieve the automatic working mode, high speed dispensing machine of continuous work, so easy to cause some production problems, such as problems of blockage of the needle, the needle is blocked is caused by many factors, the correlation analysis.
High speed dispensing needle
The needle jam is the most important effect of high viscosity glue, glue special glue without special treatment directly into the high speed glue dispensing, dispensing needles easily in the valve at the bottom of curing caused by glue, so choose the best with a dispensing valve of the heating system, the heating system can implement automatic detection of glue, and then the glue viscosity is reduced by heating, the needle clogging phenomenon can be solved, the need to pay attention to the temperature adjustment needs to have some working experience, because the high temperature glue viscosity will decrease, affecting the normal bonding effect.
Large high-speed visual dispenser
The dispensing needle is too small may also cause the glue glue is blocked by role will be movement of pressure, general operating personnel to adjust working pressure will take into account the needle problem, select the appropriate needle to glue output, if the specification needs free replacement needles, glue under constant pressure, a lot of glue plugging the dispensing valve part of only a small amount of output, easy to start in the flow process caused by fixed needle partially blocked, so the selection of the appropriate dispensing needle is very important.
Floor type high speed dispensing machine for aluminum profiles
When the user stops high speed dispensing, the copper wire can be used to stop the dispensing needle so as to prevent the glue remaining in the dispensing valve from contacting with the air.

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