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Screw type high speed dispenser, slow gum, what's going on?

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Screw type high speed dispensing machine is according to the working principle of high speed dispensing and customized development of a dispensing equipment, because the structure of screw type realizes intermittent work alternately, so to ensure high speed and accurate positioning, has been widely used in various high pressure working production line, with the dispensing related tools can make work efficiency with higher income, slow glue is a big obstacle to affect the overall effect, so how is this going?
Large screw type high speed dispenser
1. glue valve congestion
Sometimes the glue is very slow, even off the rubber, the main reason is the glue dispensing valve valve congestion, congestion is not completely lost the conduction effect, there are still some glue flow, so regular cleaning glue valve residue congestion is very necessary, but the high viscosity glue is the main the factors causing congestion, so in a timely manner to adjust the viscosity of the glue to prevent clogging of the rubber valve two times.
Floor type screw valve high speed dispenser
2. needle size is small
The needle size to select correctly is the premise to ensure smooth operation of high speed dispensing, dispensing machine will first set up the working pressure value in the debugging link before work, are generally not big changes, if the random variable is more needles easily affect the normal volume of the plastic, lead to glue dispensing is very slow, so the needle has been selected after they don't change.
High speed dispensing screw valve
3. working pressure is small
Working pressure dispensing machine is responsible for the glue dispensing to drive, if the pressure value is too small will affect the glue rate, so it is a problem of slow glue dispensing machine, high-speed dispensing machine ideal working pressure value is measured in the debugging debugging for dispensing work and keep it the coherent operation.

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