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Intelligent high speed dispensing robot with low glue output

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High speed dispensing machine need to pay attention to operation in daily dispensing, dispensing with operators to distinguish the sound from the machine dispensing machine if there is a problem, if there is no such ability, begin slowly start dispensing is more important in a process inside the dispensing quality problems will affect the products so, the dispensing quality is more important.
Desktop high speed dispensing robot
The dispenser dispensing industry in a wide range, dispensing position is relatively high, because of high speed glue dispensing technology is good, you can use a variety of different types of glue, but can use more industries and use industry. Requirements are relatively high, there will be some small problems is hugely magnified, dispensing affect product quality.
Automatic dispensing machine appears low adhesive has several problems, the first is the glue concentration was too high, the second is dispensing valve clogging, third is the dispensing system is not good, only careful to do to avoid these problems, and solutions.
Large visual high speed dispensing robot
The first one can add new glue, reduce the original glue concentration, also can change the dispensing needle, increase the fluidity of glue.
Second kinds of high speed dispensing robot after the completion of the work without dispensing valve cleaning, resulting in the need to replace the new dispensing valve, the use of the jam valve cleaning glue, waiting for the next use.
Third kinds of programming in use, programming errors lead to dispensing valve discharge glue is not enough, this only change the programming parameters can.
Large floor type high speed dispensing robot
The low glue content of the high speed dispensing robot is caused by some reasons. As long as these problems are solved, the glue output will be normal, and the dispensing problem can be avoided in the next course of use.

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