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Whether the cantilever machine can use high-speed dispensing

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The dispensing machine is for dispensing glue dispensing equipment must work, so the effect of the type of glue dispensing in the role is very important, some glue is not dispensed in some automatic dispensing machine, such as dispensing process of shadowless adhesive.
Large high-speed visual dispenser
No glue, it is the nickname alias light sensitive glue, ultraviolet solid glue and UV glue. The so-called "UV" is the abbreviation of ultraviolet light, because UV is invisible, this glue is transparent, this glue only in the ultraviolet ray irradiation to solidify the glue. It is the principle of adhesive produced a series of chemical reactions under UV irradiation, it only takes a few seconds as a solid color is transparent, a minute after the glue hardness reaches the maximum. It has the characteristics of colorless, transparent, fast curing and relatively stable material in ordinary environment, because in general, it can only be solidified under the irradiation of ultraviolet light source.
Then the general on the cantilever high speed glue dispenser can be used for dispensing adhesive that is certainly not, of course, if you want to be the glue to glue it, you must use some means, such as installing an ultraviolet light source in the boom type high-speed dispensing machine, in the choice of light source you can according to their actual situation to consider, because the light source will generate heat in the dispensing and the emergence of a destabilizing factor, so also in the light source is additionally provided with a cooling device can even adjust water temperature, avoid glue dispensing machine in high speed cantilever speed leads to the decline in the quality of dispensing.
Floor type high speed dispenser
In fact, if necessary, dispensing work or the use of UV to complete the professional dispensing glue.

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