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Intelligent high speed dispensing robot does not work smooth

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High speed dispensing robot there is a problem in the process of work, generally there are several reasons: 1, high speed dispensing valve plug, 2, pressure glue concentration use is not reasonable, 3, dispensing needles used unreasonable, 4, the use of existing problems, dispensing machine 5, dispensing machine parts problems. These are not big problems, but will affect the efficiency of high speed dispensing robot and product quality.
High speed dispensing robot arm
These problems are solved, as long as the attention of high speed dispensing machine operation in the work process can know what problems exist, but it is necessary to have a better understanding of the dispensing machine to do, if the method of these problems above may have several solutions.
1, high speed dispensing valve plug generally after dispensing work without timely cleaning result, which proved that enterprises pay no attention to the dispensing machine maintenance, use every day on the need for a complete cleaning of the valve and the high speed dispensing needle, can ensure that often use the second day.
High speed dual fluid dispensing valve
The concentration of 2, high speed glue dispensing robot is not unreasonable use according to the requirements of the industry accessories glue, glue dispensing concentration will affect the speed of dispensing machine, according to the industry needs to use the appropriate configuration of glue.
3, the use of glue dispensing needle is according to the requirements of the industry concentration and dispensing glue dispensing needle, high concentration of the need for large, and some industry is the use of a needle is required in accordance with the requirements of high speed dispensing robot dispensing with.
High speed dispensing valve
4, high speed dispenser pressure is used for back suction glue and dispensing, special back suction glue is prone to problems, if the dispensing needle is small, forming back pressure, dispensing machine appeared leak glue problem, need to change the needle,
In 5, high speed and high pressure work environment, work is a long time dispensing machine that would cause the wear and lubrication of the parts is not enough, it will likely need to speed dispensing, dispensing machine for a maintenance.

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