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What is a large high speed dispensing nozzle

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High speed dispensing machine now has many kinds of dispensing mode, these are based on the dispensing valve different decisions, of course need to use different programming instructions, now a large high speed dispensing machine can store 2G programming instructions, which do not need to replace the re programming instructions, can save a lot of time for production.
Electromagnetic working valve for high speed dispenser
Large high speed dispensing machine configuration jet dispensing machine operation, now many types of dispensing machine are configuration of this injection valve, the valve can also speed glue glue dispensing, so many industries are using a high speed dispensing machine, because of the large high-speed dispensing machine with the point glue dispensing machine of other types of advanced technology, lower than the large the dispensing machine in terms of speed, in terms of price and other large dispenser dispensing machine almost, so from the price will choose large high speed dispensing machine.
High speed dispensing nozzle.
The nozzle firing pin is large high speed dispensing machine using a dispensing needle, large dispensing machine can be used in two ways: one is the jet dispensing, dispensing, the other is a nozzle pin, using two modes for a dispenser dispensing mode more, can be applied to more areas, the mean jet nozzle glue to the product through the needle point, because the spray glue into the needle needle called a nozzle.
Multi axis high speed dispenser
Because of the market development of high-speed development, the intensity of competition has continued to rise, can use a variety of patterns, can increase the large high speed dispensing machine in the market, not jet type high speed dispensing machine of circular product dispensing operation, but the use of needle mode can be in a circle and the arc, so you can make large dispensers do the use of a machine, not because it can not be used in this industry have been eliminated.

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