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High speed dispensing robot is mainly used to store what glu

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High speed dispensing robot has important significance for the development of China's manufacturing industry, through the intelligent dispensing dispensing operating system can carry out a variety of difficulty, at the same time support is provided with a plurality of dispensing head, complement each other with large dispensing work platform, can complete the needs of mass dispensing work in various industries has become a hot selling products, due to the high speed dispensing robot the dispensing work efficiency is high, so the material demand is high, in order to satisfy the high-speed dispensing robot work needs, need to configure the storage container to store special glue.
High speed rotational dispensing needle
Plastic container is a special tool for high speed dispensing robot glue storage, plastic container is formed by creating rotational molding technology, so that the surface is smooth and complete, according to the total amount of glue and properties, can be customized for different size storage containers of different colors, can store all kinds of special glue (glue, red glue, etc.) can meet the high-speed dispensing the robot needs supplies, long-term use will not be bad pollution problems, the glue storage and use to maximize the effect.
High speed back suction dispensing solenoid valve
The storage container is mainly used plastic glue made of PVC, the conductive material compatibility is high, its scope is not limited to the storage of glue, in addition to the application on the glue storage can store various kinds of production materials, can withstand certain impact, good sealing performance and is not easy to damage, no matter what the nature of the glue the use of energy storage, is a high practical glue storage tools.
Large visual high speed dispensing robot
High speed robot should be the first to clean plastic containers in the process of replacing the kind of adhesive, glue and glue to avoid the old new reactions affect the normal use, and then use the liquid foam agent on the inside of the brush can be.

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