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Longmen type high speed dispensing machine is mainly used in

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Longmen type structure of high speed dispensing function through the dispensing platform of mobile, this structure is good work platform widely meet the work requirements and operation of high speed dispensing, is often used in packaging and other aspects of the work, so it is mainly used in the industry what more?
Longmen AB high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing machine common are generally used in large-scale industrial production line, responsible for dispensing package link, the Longmen type structure can be applied to carry on dispensing large objects, such as LED lighting industry requires the application to. In recent years, LED lamp demand rising, process cost required is very high, this trend will promote the LED industry production demand is relatively high, and the high speed dispensing machine Longmen type structure can be applied not only to the line of work but also meets the basic needs of LED lamp dispensing, that is to help manufacturers save production costs also meet the LED lamp needs high-speed adhesive dispensing.
Longmen single station high speed dispenser
Because in line with the work mode of production, so the Longmen type high speed dispensing machine in addition to package links for large object dispensing can also be applied to small objects, such as the common electronic chip production line, part of the package of electronic chips is the main chip sealing shell is fixed outside the chip, to protect the buffer effect on chip among them, the bonding effect of dispensing the demand is higher, and high speed dispensing machine Longmen style not only can realize the high speed dispensing pipeline mode, and packaging of products without overflow phenomenon, firm adhesion does not appear to affect the appearance of excessive glue, ensure firm adhesion and process of chip shell.
Longmen desktop three axis high speed dispenser
In addition to the LED lamp package and the chip package is more important, Longmen's high speed dispensing machine can be used in the automotive industry and the construction of some accessories point coating package, is a function of dispensing equipment comprehensively.

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