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Is the quartz fiber high speed dispenser affected by the int

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Quartz fiber on quartz glass fiber materials, the special design because of its sensitive physical quantity by artificial control can change, so the application of automatic control in some heavy industries and military fields, and a variety of fiber optical fiber high speed dispensing function of glue, including quartz fiber such special materials, in order to make the operator more successfully completed the work listed below small dispensing, may be some quartz fiber dispensing process interventions.
Desktop optical fiber high speed dispenser
Considering the texture of quartz is relatively hard not easy to scratch, so the general high speed dispensing needle the best selection of stainless steel needle is more durable, both is an important place for high speed dispensing machine or related accessories working environment, if the environment moisture intervention may affect the normal work of the dispensing machine operation, so it is best to exclude moisture intervention in order to work properly.
Optical fiber double fluid high speed dispenser
In addition to environmental intervention, human intervention will have a certain impact on the fiber dispensing, relevant working parameters have been set after the normal execution of quartz fiber dispensing, if the operator does not have the relevant knowledge due to demand for free to modify, easy to take effect of fluency and consistency of the dispensing work situation as a whole, it is best to avoid human intervention this coal is not practical experience, if the operator does not understand the working characteristics of high speed dispensing machine and the related knowledge, through some reference or find experienced veteran of the target, in order to achieve the normal dispensing work.
Brush dispensing needle
Excluding these interference factors, the silica fiber after dispensing has low external influence and good bending effect, and can work normally in some severe environment.

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