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How to maintain vertical high speed dispenser

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Using a range of vertical high-speed dispensing machine in the industry is very wide, most of the manufacturing industry needs to be applied to the dispensing process of traditional production line mostly by manual dispensing of the manual dispensing is not applicable to all industries, the use of vertical high-speed dispensing machine can help users for various different dispensing operation, when the user vertical high speed dispenser for dispensing work, should pay attention to the maintenance of equipment.
Large area vertical high speed dispenser
Generally not used glue to timely recovery, avoid the long-term in the internal curing dispenser, before the replacement of the glue to the material placing groove of the dispensing machine in the cleaning work, avoid the old glue and glue the new reaction, open the material placement tank into the cleaning agent, and then cleaning can avoid the influence to the work. The dispensing circuit in the cleaning process. An air filter can be installed inside the vertical high speed dispenser, so as to avoid the influence of wet air on the dispenser.
Anaerobic glue
The maintenance work is not easy, especially the vertical high speed dispensing machine large dispensing equipment, cleansing work requires a larger, so the daily maintenance work is very important, the normal dispensing work is completed using clean cloth to clean the dispensing work platform of a foreign body or dust, can add alcohol for cleaning the dispensing can better accomplish the work in the dispensing dispensing, if found in the work is not smooth dispensing high friction problem, you can add the lubricating oil to ensure the lubrication dispensing machine, the maintenance work can effectively reduce the large investment needs cleaning.
Detergent for high speed dispenser
To prolong the service life of vertical high speed dispenser, first of all, it is necessary for operators to make clear the importance of maintenance work so as to correctly put into effect the maintenance enthusiasm of the equipment.

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