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Independent high speed dispenser runs slowly

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Dispensing machine independent type high speed dispensing with other kinds of differences exist, the high speed dispensing machine is independent of operation, only one operator can complete the operation of independent type high speed dispensing dispensing work execution of different needs, without carrying other types of auxiliary parts can perform high precision bulk dispensing work sometimes, the operator found running slowly, except for the factors of dispensing machine itself, whether the normal operation of the operating personnel also need to pay special attention to.
Independent numerical control high speed dispenser
Which is mainly because of slow transport around the dispensing work parameters is not adjusted, generally normal work to determine the parameters of dispensing in the debug link, it is best to avoid changing the working parameters in the dispensing work, if the speed and time of low speed caused by dispensing is too slow, the operator can adjust the dispensing procedure to change the parameters, of course should be established in the appropriate range inside, avoid high-speed dispensing instability.
The effect of independent type high speed dispensing machine running mostly because of friction caused by too much, if the dispensing manipulator moving guide is not smooth, easily in the process of high speed dispensing with the mechanical arm caused by friction, appear difficult running too slow dispensing can add some high quality lubricating oil, ensure the lubrication of the standard can solve some friction problems, if there is real it needs the best replacement of new rail, to avoid affecting the stability of dispensing work.
High speed dispensing motor
Independent type high speed dispensing machine requires high working current, if the rated current can not maintain normal dispensing work, easy to affect the mechanical arm movement speed, the dispensing work efficiency is greatly reduced and the normal use of DC stabilized power supply contributes to the high speed dispensing machine, helps the user to complete dispensing work.

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