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What's the effect of jet dispensing on industrial high speed

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Jet dispensing is a special way of dispensing, dispensing equipment equipped with this function is also called spray machine, spray technology has more advantages than the traditional work dispensing technology, and high speed dispensing robot function commonly used industrial powerful and flexible operation, can perform contact dispensing can perform non-contact dispensing, non contact dispensing is jet dispensing, so high-speed dispensing robot spray effect.
High speed electric spray valve
High speed dispensing robot to perform multi axis high speed dispensing, in operation and flexibility than the similar products are widely used in dispensing, dispensing some high repeatability, because the body is generally relatively large through the PC side control, according to the demand to jetting effect by adding spray head, dispensing robot under the arm pull back the movement process of high speed glue, the user can save 30% of the waste of time.
Visual high speed dispensing robot
The effect of high speed dispensing robot to perform industrial object gluing process is very good, this is the main operating system regulation properly realize high quality glue dispensing machine, ordinary glue head loading injection quality depends on the positioning of the dispensing work point, which is often characteristic of ordinary dispensing machine can not do. After high speed dispensing robot after spraying objects coated with wide area firm butt joint etc, and avoids contact dispensing common drawing, which belongs to the jet dispensing benefits. Because of the large coating area and high precision, it can ensure high quality and high efficiency of dispensing when applied to some important large objects, so the high speed dispensing robot can achieve high quality dispensing work in the case of ensuring the correct programming procedure.

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