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Visual high-speed dispensing machine dispensing dry battery

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High speed visual dispenser machine in the industry application of manufacturing, including the battery manufacturing industry for users to work with the electrolyte, the battery may occur early warning dispensing, which is mainly caused by many reasons, the following help everyone learn about why it happened early warning?
Floor type accumulator high speed dispenser
In the battery sealing part, dispensing machine with high-speed visual visual inspection system can real-time reflect the working condition or fault, if appears in the work process of early warning is possible because no needle alignment, the operator is required before the normal work of high speed dispensing machine needle correction work, early warning problems to avoid in the process of work, the influence of the normal work of the coherence.
The visual requirements of the working parameters of high speed dispensing machine is very accurate, because this kind of battery need dispensing objects is small, if in accordance with the normal working parameters prone to work early warning problem, so the operator in the setting parameters to take into account the actual problems, such as dispensing speed, dispensing time will be re established in the commissioning work according to the actual situation, to avoid the high speed dispensing machine again warning.
High speed dispensing needle
In fact, can not guarantee the working conditions will affect the normal work of the dispensing effect, the working voltage of high-speed dispensing machine vision is large, if you can not provide stable working voltage source may occur early warning and power, easy to affect the battery dispensing continuity and stability, so that the battery defect rate rise, the regulator can effectively stabilize the dispensing the normal working voltage, good products to establish a good amount of normal working voltage helps to improve battery production work rate.

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