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The rubber glue height will affect the normal use of aluminu

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When we use the aluminum profile high-speed dispensing machine for dispensing, we will pay attention to the amount of glue in the plastic tank will not be related to the speed of dispensing? Does it affect the final effect of dispensing? Are you going to think about it?
Rotational dispensing syringe
First of all we used in high speed glue dispensing of pneumatic dispensing glue, but the air pressure in the high and low temperature with the dispenser and change, and pressure is one of the main factors that directly determine the velocity of glue. Secondly, we tubling glue will be constantly going out in the dispensing work, amount of glue inside the tube will gradually reduce the height, glue also declines, a free will make the rubber cylinder space, that there may be some air into the extrusion to quickly enter the pipeline colloid in the air pressure with the space became larger, may directly affect the accuracy of high speed dispensing dispensing machine, impact needle glue to produce the adhesive. So the lower the glue height, the greater the velocity of the glue.
Double station aluminum profile high speed dispenser
So when we glue due to some uncontrollable factors existing in the dispensing dispensing work will not be like the set value for work, so we must constantly adjust values to achieve the purpose of precision high speed dispensing. It is not only to each operating essentials continuously advanced operating system control aluminum high speed dispensing machine running until they can own skilled assembly of the dispensing machine, but also to be familiar with will appear in the dispensing machine in the work of other factors will affect the glue dispensing operation we can deal with all kinds of unexpected situations and major issues of calm the.

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