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What's the problem of low glue release rate of high speed di

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High speed dispensing machine is widely used in modern industrial production line, mainly responsible for product packaging or adhesive docking, through the detection of intelligent visual positioning can achieve high accuracy of dispensing, dispensing work can perform a variety of difficulty by multi axis linkage manipulator is flexible, whether or not the rules of underfill dispensing path can deal with well, sometimes there may be a low amount of glue, may be caused by multiple reasons, here in the automation lists may affect the reasons for the amount of glue, and help consumers solve one by one.
Double high-speed three axis dispensing machine
First determine whether because the viscosity of the glue caused by excessive liquidity, as everyone knows in the high viscosity glue dispensing equipment within the very poor, lack of driving pressure glue glue to flow, causing the quantity of cement is very low, heating can effectively reduce the viscosity of the glue, glue machine is equipped with a high speed internal glue heating function, the operator presses the heating the equipment operation only need to pay attention to the work, to control the viscosity of glue, if due to excessive heating effect to the glue viscosity may affect the final quality of the use of glue.
Single station three axis high speed dispensing machine
In fact, if the quantity of cement can enhance the low working pressure value so that glue can move smoothly, work pressure to be accurately controlled in a certain range, if the pressure is too high to cause no glue. Note that the pneumatic valve dispensing work is not conducive to high-speed dispensing machine, pneumatic dispensing valve is difficult to meet the needs of users for mass production, has a strong dependence on pressure. If the pressure is unstable supply will appear leak and other issues, from another sense also belongs to the quantity of cement is low, the the use of electric dispensing valve can solve the problem of low amount of glue out of this case.

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