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High speed dispensing machine with fast curing adhesive

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High speed dispensing machine is widely used in the manufacturing industry, mainly responsible for glue bonding or packaging, through the automatic dispensing work system to achieve accurate and precise dispensing work, apply glue very much, the operating personnel in the practical application due attention to glue characteristics, avoid the influence of high speed dispensing efficiency, curing the problem of excessive the operator will use adhesive dispensing, then what is it?
The semiconductor desktop three axis dispensing machine
The curing rate of shadowless adhesive may be associated with the glue quality, positioning time, curing depth and adhesive strength are the glue evaluation criteria, if the positioning speed glue more quickly, easily affect the quality of normal dispensing work, usually glue manufacturers will give the glue curing curve, if the adhesive and curing the curve of large deviation is the quality problem.
High speed desktop type semiconductor dispensing machine
Glue reacts rapidly meet UV curing, in the practical application to avoid glue by ultraviolet radiation fast curing, if the use of translucent plastic barrel is generally high speed dispensing machine, easy to glue in storage in the process of UV curing, so it is recommended to users choose amber needles or black needle, avoid the influence of UV radiation fast curing at normal dispensing process.
Longmen AB high speed dispensing machine
In order to make the adhesive can be cured completely, need to configure the shadowless lamp in the high speed adhesive dispensing machine, pay attention to operation high speed dispensing point glue, glue in the fast curing 5 seconds under UV irradiation, about half a day to strong bonding effect, so the speed of the machine dispensing point and dispensing time to adjust quickly to point out the adhesive can effectively prevent the problem of fast curing adhesive.

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