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Why does dispensing robot work noise?

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The dispensing robot belongs to a new automatic dispensing equipment, can perform various flexible dispensing work, ensure the quality of dispensing and does not affect the dispensing efficiency and far-reaching influence in the field of industrial production, sometimes the user will find the dispensing robot noise in normal operation, even affect the production work, dispensing staff pay special attention to.
Desktop high speed dispensing robot
First consider whether because of insufficient lubrication, the dispensing robot is the use of mobile manipulator for dispensing dispensing work, so to ensure the mechanical arm guide in the best working condition, if the noise in normal use is too large, indicating insufficient lubrication of the dispensing arm moving guide, causing the robot arm to move difficult noise if not promptly adjust, easy to affect the service life of the dispensing robot can, in the implementation of joint oil guide or dispensing mechanical arm, can ease between the manipulator and the rail wear big problems, but should pay attention to the choice of lubricating oil for body use, and to ensure the quality of the use of lubricating oil standard.
Large floor type high speed dispensing robot
The dispensing robot is mainly through the gas flow control glue dispensing, sometimes the noise inside the dispensing machine is too large may be caused by the air source device, noise source device specific for poor sealing or unstable work caused by the normal work in the dispensing part is not the best pre check the gas source can stably provide dispensing robot working pressure, first of all check the sealing of whether the standard of the body, if it is too large noise source device can properly add cushion, can effectively solve the problem of noise caused by vibration, improve the normal life of the dispensing robot.

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