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High speed dispensing will not scratch the battery

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The battery is connected with our daily life, whether it is remote or electric vehicles are widely used in battery, the battery industry has an important significance to the development of the world, the battery manufacturing process will need to realize the electric injection effect inside the battery electrolyte, most manufacturers will use the high speed dispensing machine as the battery sealing equipment, some users may be in doubt, high speed dispensing opportunities will not scratch the battery in the process?
Three axis high speed dispenser
Scratch the object has always been a common problem with contact methods, some soft objects through the dispensing needle point may be blown to the surface, serious and even affect the normal use, the rate of non-performing products rose sharply, especially in the high speed dispensing machine high speed dispensing equipment, doubt is normal for this user. In the process of instilling electrolyte, first of all to avoid cell surface scratches and affect the normal use, in fact, high-speed dispensing machine can replace needles to avoid scratching the battery problem, using a flexible PP dispensing needle can avoid the battery scratched, and the soft texture of the needle can avoid dispensing is not smooth problems.
Double station high speed and high speed machine
In fact, high speed dispensing machine can realize the non-contact dispensing assembly through the injection valve, the non-contact dispensing has the advantage of avoiding the possibility of dispensing needle scratch through objects, equipped with high precision injection valve can avoid high-speed dispensing indoctrination may cause overflow problems in the process of ensuring good product production rate. Of course, the dispensing frequency of high speed dispensing machine can be appropriately reduced, and the extent of scratch battery can be alleviated to a certain extent.
Single position high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing machine has a wide range of practical applications. It can help battery manufacturers solve the problem of sealing electrolyte by high speed dispensing function.

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