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Why is the popularity of the cantilever high speed dispensin

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The technology of dispensing machine is beginning to differentiate into a wide variety of dispensing machines with the wings of modern science and technology. The cantilever high-speed dispenser is also the product of the development of the times, but the history will not stagnate, and new dispensing machines will be developed and utilized. So now what kind of dispensing technology is now the mainstream?
Floor type high speed dispenser
China's dispensing machine technology from the development to now only a few decades, but now China's dispenser industry has its own nationalization of machinery, although not comparable to developed countries in Europe and America, the output value is very large. Because a large number of enterprises in China are small and medium-sized enterprises, and enterprises and enterprises are scattered, can not form aggregation effect, most of the use of the dispensing machine or the traditional semi-automatic dispensing machine. Companies that use full automatic dispensing machines are generally large groups and companies.
Floor type high speed dispenser
That's OK. Our mainstream dispenser is semi-automatic dispensing machine. Why? 1, because most of the small size of the enterprise funds is not enough 2, enterprise competition is too fierce to get started doing too little to increase orders, production, semi automatic dispensing machine just to meet the needs of low-end products and glue dispensing machine, this part of the low price. 3, small and medium-sized enterprises in the purchase of dispensing machine, mainly in the price and basic functions to consider, for the special strong dispensing machine, not too much need, will not buy.
Large high-speed visual dispenser
Why is the cantilever high speed dispensing machine not famous in China? 1, full automatic dispensing machine, a wide variety, dispenser this larger classification, the number is much more. 2, our country dispensing machine development has not reached the same level abroad, automatic dispensing machine is not too much, cantilever high speed dispenser is a smaller one, the requirements of technology and price may be higher than ordinary single liquid automatic dispensing machine.

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