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The noise of high speed dispenser on battery dispensing

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High speed dispensing machine of the practical application of a wide range, can perform a variety of packaging, bonding and filling work, has a promoting role in China's manufacturing industry, high speed dispensing machine once used in battery production line, which is responsible for dispensing or electrolyte potting work, the user may have doubt why some noise problems, reasons given below we generally look at science appear noise.
Visual high-speed dispensing machine
Provide the glue to high-speed flow is the main air compressor, air compressor and pump in the dispensing machine called, will produce internal pressure to promote high-speed glue dispensing, because the compressor needs to continue to run at a high speed, so the noise is large, it is difficult to completely eliminate the noise, can reduce the air compressor with some special methods of noise, by installing into the exhaust muffler can effectively reduce the noise problem, the protective cover is installed to help protect high-speed dispensing function normal operation, it can also reduce some of the noise to avoid impact.
Floor type high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing machine is through the multi axis mechanical arm to perform high-speed and accurate dispensing, dispensing machine arm need to ensure that there are sufficient lubrication to maintain the normal work of the dispensing arm, if the execution part of the lubrication is insufficient, easy to cause huge friction leads to difficulty moving, accompanied by a sharp noise directly affects the quality of high speed the dispensing work for small objects such as batteries for dispensing problems, adding proper lubricating oil in the implementation of the mechanical arm is helpful for the dispensing work.
Single position high speed dispenser
When the battery is dispensing, the high speed dispensing machine keeps the correct dispensing strength and can not scratch the object, so as to avoid the normal use effect of the battery. If necessary, a special battery high speed dispenser can be applied to the battery potting and bonding work.

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