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Does glue viscosity affect the dispensing of high speed disp

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The glue in daily life or in the industrial manufacturing is a necessary tool for the 502 commonly used glue or epoxy resin are a commonly used glue dispensing accessories, batteries for dispensing glue quality has a very clear requirements, in addition to the effect of external guarantee dispensing cannot affect the normal use effect the battery, the glue actually have a certain influence on the effect of dispensing, whether in the use of battery high speed glue dispensing battery because of the viscosity of the glue is affected?
High speed dispenser for large batteries
Here the two-component glue of high strength as an example, two-component glue is mainly achieved through the bonding effect of high strength rubber and common catalyst reaction in the battery is dispensing link demand and achieve the goal of precise contraposition of the bonding effect, if the strong glue bonding effect may affect battery product use effect. Sometimes the need to reduce the strength of butt glue by heating device.
Floor type accumulator high speed dispenser
High viscosity glue dispensing machine is most likely to cause internal blockage problems, the glue is usually used in low temperature environment when the curing time is the shortest, the flow in the internal glue dispensing machine is too slow is easy to be blocked in the dispensing valve part, so the high viscosity glue on the normal work of the high-speed dispensing machine influence, dispensing drawing the common problem is caused by the high viscosity of the glue, the glue is still a part attached to the dispensing needle in the dispensing needle pull back, glue drawing problems in drag under the action of heating device by using high speed dispensing machine equipped with the battery can effectively reduce the viscosity of the glue.
Floor type accumulator high speed dispenser
Low viscosity glue will also impact on the battery dispensing, the specific performance of high speed glue dispensing machine problem, which is caused by the drawbacks of low viscosity glue.

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