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What is the object positioning of large vertical high speed

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The current manufacturing industry generally needs to be applied to dispensing technology, whether large objects or small objects, the dispensing process is an important step in essential, through the dispensing is conducive to enhance the value of the object, a large vertical high-speed dispensing machine completes the dispensing work of various demands, whether or potting link need to be applied to the docking of the dispensing process. The precise location of the object itself has high production yield excellent promotion, then the vertical high speed dispensing machine is the location of the object by what?
Vertical high speed dispenser
In order to realize the precise positioning of objects dispensing, dispensing machine with multi axis vertical high-speed image detection system, can automatically detect the position of objects detected by CCD, and the detection parameters are presented on the display screen, with automatic correction function of the vertical position, high-speed dispensing can execute accurate high-speed dispensing work, multi axis high speed dispensing the mechanical arm can work for some irregular seam filling objects, either filled or slit, and provides more possibilities for the applicability of the dispensing work.
Pipeline type high speed dispenser
And the dispenser is different, vertical high-speed dispensing machine has a dispensing needle programming function, through more precise dispensing with programming of the gluing work can perform much smoother and more high quality, through the array programming to help users achieve high-volume dispensing work, both to ensure the quality of dispensing also ensures high standards of consistency.
Large vertical high speed dispenser
The vertical high speed dispensing machine has preset operation shortcut keys, which can help operators to adjust the parameters more quickly. It will not affect the stability and consistency of dispensing work, and make dispensing more diversified.

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