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How does an operating high speed dispensing robot drive glue

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High speed dispensing robot is an automatic dispensing equipment operation, in the work process can use the computer program system for dispensing operation, can also be dispensing in manual mode, the use of computer system can be used for dispensing according to the parameter setting of operating personnel, the use of high speed dispensing machine can replace the traditional dispensing process, the dispensing efficiency has been greatly improved that can be done with a lot of manual dispensing operation for the enterprise to.
Electromagnetic dispensing valve
Of course cannot do without the power transmission system of automatic dispensing machine, need to have the power system to automatic dispensing machine operation, driving mode is the beginning of an air pressure drive, in some industries still retain the dispensing mode of dispensing, the use of the pneumatic drive mode, the control accuracy of glue water is not high, so the pneumatic drive the use of a relatively small range of glue.
Multi axis high speed dispensing robot
The market of high speed dispensing machine is the most used by electric control, because the dispenser on so many parts are in need of electric drive, the use of these accessories can help to control the glue dispensing machine, such as computer vision system, sophisticated motor, etc., are the needs of electric drive, so the dispensing robot is driven by electric glue. But there are also some high speed dispensing machine using pneumatic electric combined together to control such as glue glue, improved precision control.
Three axis high speed dispensing robot
The operation of high-speed robot combined with the best mode of operation for the dispensing operation, for the speed and quality of products can be guaranteed, but also can reduce the waste of resources of the enterprise, the use of manually driving glue, use the most appropriate way to get the maximum number of production.

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