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Can electronic moisture proof glue be applied to high speed

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Electronic moisture-proof plastic made use of special materials, special widely used in the electronics industry, mainly for the protection of the circuit is not affected by some objective factors, so as to improve the product's performance and working life, ensure the products can be used normally, because of the particularity of its so can be used in electronic parts bonding and packaging. High speed dispensing machine if you can use this glue glue?
Double fluid high speed dispenser
High speed dispenser is mainly used in chip and PCB and other fixed packaging work, can meet the needs of a variety of dispensing work, and moisture-proof glue used in circuit packaging can form insulation protection layer to the circuit parts, so that PCB is not affected by foreign objects, moisture and other environmental impact. Some moisture-proof glue some colorless colored, colored moisture-proof glue to camouflage protects the circuit, can improve the practicability and reliability of the safety of the whole circuit, can improve the overall service life of the circuit, reduce the cost of expensive electronic product warranty need, so high-speed dispensing machine can be used electronic moisture-proof glue dispensing.
Double head high speed dispenser
The electronic moistureproof glue after high speed dispenser has the best use effect in the normal dispensing work. The working circuit can bear more power and faster signal transmission, and can be used normally in the working environment of -60 degrees to 220 degrees.
Two position high speed dispenser
Of course, in the use of high-speed packaging with moisture-proof plastic note, moisture-proof glue to be used in ventilation environment, it is difficult to come into contact with the skin treatment so operators need to wear masks and gloves, some moisture-proof glue can prevent continued burning, and some have no such function, so when the object is used in high-speed dispensing work temperature high environment, relatively high value to use flame retardant moisture-proof glue.

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