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How to offset the needle offset of five axis high speed disp

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Dispensing equipment five axis high speed dispensing machine belongs to a new type of multifunctional, dispensing work can perform a variety of different requirements through the flexible manipulator is mainly used in dispensing, some small irregular production line of packaging adhesive dispensing more, sometimes find the needle may be offset alignment and when normal operation. Eventually leads to defective products.
Stainless steel dispensing needle
General replacement needles and other related consumables to needle needle calibration, calibration work whether five axis high speed dispensing machine or other targeted high-speed dispensing machine must be enforced to work properly, sometimes the operator after the replacement of the needle forget calibration, it is easy to make dispensing needle offset dispensing alignment bonding effect other adverse effects, through artificial gradual adjustment can solve the problem of dispensing needle offset, while the five axis high speed dispensing machine is a new type of dispensing equipment, with automatic calibration function, simply press the display button can make the needle calibration calibration.
Single station five axis high speed dispenser
Five axis high speed dispensing dispensing function of irregular slots, long-term use may cause the deviation caused by high speed dispensing needles, dispensing alignment is not accurate, this is because the dispensing needle hardness is not high enough, in the slit dispensing easily with contact surface friction caused by wear offset, so determines the reliability of the dispensing needle.
Desktop five axis high speed dispenser
When choosing a dispensing needle to take into account the most suitable varieties, because the five axis high speed dispensing machine to perform irregular slit dispensing, so the choice of stainless steel needles had the best effect, the scope of application of stainless steel needles wide and high hardness and high strength can work without damaging the dispensing offset, has the characteristics of long service life and dispensing uniform etc..

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