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How to deal with the incorrect position of dispensing lead-a

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The invention of the lead-acid battery has been almost 60 years ago, the lead-acid battery consists of lead and related chemical material, used in locomotive startup and power, in the production process need to cover the battery and battery are firmly bonded together, the battery needs to be applied to high-speed dispensing machine specially, because the docking area is small, very the positioning work so often alignment problems.
Floor type double liquid high speed dispenser
The battery has high speed dispensing machine vision detection and locating function, if the dispensing work needs to perform fine path can be completed through the battery high speed dispensing machine, before work first to use fixture fixed lead-acid batteries to avoid dispensing go astray, and then through the CCD to detect objects related parameters, can effectively carry out the dispensing work the precision of lead-acid battery. The main reason is that the work parameters are not adjusted properly, such as dispensing time, dispensing speed and so on need to be clear, most of the alignment is not allowed mainly because the dispensing speed is too fast, mechanical arm without buffer time is easy to cause the problem of gum offset.
Floor type accumulator high speed dispenser
Cause the lead-acid battery and cover alignment may also be because the battery high speed dispensing needle offset, this is mainly because the needle tip wear long time to perform high-speed dispensing work caused by the tip wear easy to affect the glue dispensing machine of high speed alignment, the docking efforts roof and lead-acid battery is not high, directly affects the normal use effect, the operator can replace new needles can solve this problem effectively solve the alignment problem, in order to avoid this problem again, the operator should make the inspection of the equipment in the normal work after the completion of.

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