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How does the five axis high speed dispenser deal with noise?

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Our country has the very big progress in the dispensing industry, domestic manufacturers have developed dispensing machines with different functions to solve the market demand, five axis high speed dispensing machine is a high performance high speed dispensing equipment, dispensing with the five axis manipulator can perform various flexible plastic work, whether it is used in underfill the slit or dispensing can reach the best effect, because the body is made by adopting special technique makes the work very stable, low noise low vibration characteristics make its active application in various industries in the use of.
Five axis double station high speed dispenser
Five axis high speed dispensing machine adopts the servo driver to work with a professional driver, current control algorithm, the servo drive can work stably, than the average driver working temperature of 10 DEG C lower, effectively prevent the driver of long-term use of wear and other issues of aging, five axis dispensing work stably high-speed dispensing function a variety of different needs, with high stability, the optocoupler isolation technology and over-voltage protection function, help the five axis high speed dispensing machine stable and low noise operation.
Five axis double liquid high speed dispenser
The operator found excessive noise in five axis high speed dispensing machine, first check the dispensing arm whether because of the friction caused by excessive noise, due to the long-term implementation of high-speed dispensing work will move on the guide rail and friction, large burden of mechanical arm through the dispensing, can effectively improve the use of five axis dispensing machine life of lubricating oil, and reduce the influence of noise.
Five axis high speed dispenser
The air pump is a kind of accessories to promote glue flow dispensing. When supplying air source, the noise is large. By installing protective cover, it can reduce the noise emitted by the internal air pump of the five axis high-speed dispensing machine.

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