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What does the battery high-speed dispenser depend on to loca

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Battery high speed dispensing machine plays an important role in the manufacturing line, mainly responsible for the adhesion, encapsulation, infusion and other sectors, has been widespread concern in the industry, with the scope of application is expanding, and gradually extended to the dispensing of the battery industry, is mainly responsible for the electrolyte infusion to the battery. Higher requirements for dispensing accuracy, then the battery is high speed dispensing machine for automatic positioning of the battery through what?
Small battery high speed dispenser
The battery dispenser system with high speed visual detection, the location of the object more accurately, reduce the time required for normal dispensing, and bad product rate is greatly reduced, the small battery can perform accurate infusion without error, ensures no overflow problem, and does not affect the normal use finished product. The battery is mainly because of the bad products generally not adjusted by the working parameters, so the dispensing time, dispensing velocity etc. should be adjusted in order to accurately complete the normal cell encapsulation work, through the battery high speed dispensing machine teaching box can modify the parameters effectively, so that the battery can work smoothly and stably perform dispensing.
Dispensing demonstration box for dispensing machine
Affected by the process of dispensing needles in the use of most batteries instill glue machine, stainless steel needle in traditional mechanical arm mobile dispensing easily scratch scratch caused by external battery, even affect the normal use of battery products, the use of PP flexible dispensing needle can effectively prevent the dispensing needle scratch finished objects, do stability the high quality of the battery, to help manufacturers achieve high capacity production work.

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