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What's the problem about the instability of the high speed g

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High speed dispensing machine is many industry production automatic bonding packaging equipment used, this is a typical example driven by market demand and work, can help users achieve high-speed dispensing dispensing work long, dispensing machine is not stable in high speed work is a common problem, so how to solve the unstable problem?
Multi axis high speed glue dispenser
The most common problem is caused by the instability of the working voltage, voltage instability will affect the life of the production efficiency will affect the high-speed dispensing, dispensing work exceeds the rated voltage and rated voltage below are common factors that influence the connection end glue machine vulnerable to high voltage shock leads to serious damage to the insulating layer. May the electrical fire accident, by installing a uninterruptible power supply to achieve stable work, to ensure the voltage stability in the dispensing work, if the power can work for a period of time.
Three axis high speed glue machine
The use of glue dispensing is also need to pay attention to the place, the high viscosity of the glue dispensing valve easy to congestion in the lead position, the quantity of cement and not coherent rubber, seriously affecting the bonding effect of high speed dispensing, dispensing valve control can be replaced with the constant temperature control system of glue viscosity, the viscosity of the glue can be automatically heated adjust down. Whether the dispensing needle is affected by the viscidity of the glue is also something to notice. When the glue flows out of the dispensing needle, it may stick on a part of the needle, causing the dispensing needle not smooth enough. It can smear the lubricant on the needle to solve the problem of residual glue.
High viscosity instant dry glue
The instability of the high-speed dispenser may be due to the excessive working pressure. A reasonable scientific work plan can help users achieve stable dispensing work, and properly reduce the work load of dispensing machine, so that we can finish the work better.

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