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What's the difference between the quality of the glue point

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NC type dispensing machine is a realization of full digital control for high speed dispensing equipment, sometimes in the dispensing work can occur when dispensing the poor quality of the defective products, dispensing quality difference is reflected in many aspects, may be the glue point prone to rupture may also be the effect of adhesive point difference, this is how it happened here, to analyze and solve one by one.
Microcomputer numerical control high speed glue dispenser
1. out of glue
The intensity of the gel is controlled by the working air pressure. When the working pressure is too large, the glue point is not full enough, the color is uneven, and even the gel point is broken. These are all caused by the excessive working pressure. Therefore, the numerical control pressure reading is modified. The pressure relief valve is a device that regulates the pressure intensity of the glue flow, and reduces the pressure through the control of gas flow.
2. poor quality of glue
The glue of poor quality is also an important factor affecting sizing effect machine high speed dispensing, high quality glue will have a little bit of drawing and will not affect the product made in the glue, glue point after the novel tension change for a period of time after the gelatin quality is higher, if the tension change is too large that the poor quality of the glue. Only the replacement of high quality famous glue glue to solve the quality problem
Hot melt adhesive high speed glue machine
3. needle offset results in poor gel point quality
The dispensing needle is responsible for the direction control of the glue dispensing point of the high-speed dispensing machine. When the working pressure is too large, the pressure on the dispensing parts of the dispenser is greater. It is particularly important for the maintenance of the related parts. The offset of dispensing needles will lead to different location of glue dots, so there will be uneven glue points or glue point deviations. Replacing new dispensing needles can solve the problem of poor quality of glue dots.

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