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How to control the glue on the online high speed glue machin

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Online is a constant power supply, the power supply is used to protect the dispensing chance of not being a sudden power failure caused by power outages, a sudden power failure will make the high speed dispensing machine parts damage, but also may make high-speed dispensing machine parts burned, so to the enterprise big losses, not only for product processing but also, for high speed dispensing machine maintenance.
Line on-line high speed glue dispenser
High speed dispensing machine use online in addition to play a protective role, but also make the dispensing machine stable production, because the device can stabilize the power, which can make high speed dispensing machine in the dispensing process is using the same voltage, the effect of dispensing has a good promotion, online type high speed dispensing use is generally in the chip package and the electronics industry, the dispensing is especially important, a little bit of bad quality factors will affect the product.
In some small product dispensing, use online may not directly meet thedispensing effect, and need to cooperate with other high speed dispensing machine accessories such point glue point is the best, for example: the configuration of the flow control valve, this valve is used to control the flow rate and the quantity of cement glue, it can in high speed dispensing the process does not appear, glue too much, the peripheral devices are to package, so that the product into bad products, will increase the production cost.
Large on-line high speed glue dispenser
The use of accessories on the colloidal control of online high speed dispensing machine, also need to use the software, PLC software and computer system is of high speed dispensing machine control, can not only control the manipulator, can make the dispensing machine to repeat the same action dispensing, combined with the software and mechanical parts of the glue on the online type high speed dispensing has a big effect.

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