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Five axis high speed dispensing machine transmission track w

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A transmission track in the industrial revolution has emerged, which is to facilitate the object transmission and the emergence of tools, more common in the production line, belt type transmission or strip type transmission are object transfer mode more common, dispensing machine manufacturers in order to make the glue point to further enhance the efficiency, with a transmission track in order to perform efficient dispensing work, sometimes easy transmission track work carlton.
Desktop five axis high speed glue machine
The five axis dispensing machine requires high-speed transmission of the transmission track dispensing work, the pressure is very large, static belt generated when the work is easy to adsorb dust in the air, dust in the excessive accumulation of track directly lead to transmission of Caton sluggish, static elimination can alleviate the point glue transmission track problems Caton, work space the humidity can be kept moderate, due to high humidity can eliminate static electricity, can alleviate the five axis high-speed transfer dispenser track to a certain extent the problem caton.
In addition to dust accumulation caused by multi track transport Carlton five axis high speed dispensing machine, voltage instability may also affect the overall effect of the work and sometimes operation staff will find the moment arm shift dispensing, use the regulator can have stable working voltage effect, it is best to avoid using common and high-power electrical appliances.
Pipelined high speed glue dispenser
By adding track special lubricating oil can also solve problems Caton transmission track work, because the lubricating oil can reduce friction transmission of the track, and can reduce the wear degree of the working life is greatly prolonged, but also cleaning track pollution problems in the process of high speed dispensing, but should pay attention to the lubricating oil with erosion of certain, just add the amount of the lubricating oil can.

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