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Can the five axis full automatic high speed dispenser be use

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The flexible circuit board is a flexible printed circuit board is made of material with organic polymer material Pl, lighter than the traditional circuit board, and the bending performance is good, in the production process needs to be applied to dispensing technology and then used as protective effect, can play to a certain extent, the five axis high-speed automatic dispensing machine adopts five axis flexible dispensing, can be applied to irregular seam dispensing, do full automatic high speed and high precision dispensing.
PCB chip packaging
The flexible circuit board according to the characteristic of soft hardness is insufficient, the corresponding parts should select the operator before high speed dispensing, dispensing needles to choose the best PP flexible needles, because PP flexible needles are made of PP material, can effectively prevent scratches dispensing the surface of objects, and can support the work of five automatic dispensing slit axis high speed dispensing machine, dispensing accessories is a more important.
Brush needle
For dispensing can use to help better on the flexible circuit board, flexible circuit board related components package should be used to protect the dispenser, automatic high-speed dispensing machine solves the difficult FPC plate dispensing five axis, the gap between the various components is very small, to reach the low error slit to complete the work through the adhesive dispensing. Five axis automatic dispensing of dispensing path around 0.5mm, directly address the gap between the various components is too small to dispensing problems.
Double station five axis high speed glue machine
Five axis high-speed automatic dispensing machine is suitable for the glue very much, including a flexible circuit board seal used shadeless glue, hot glue, red glue and other special glue can be applied, the temperature control device can change according to the unique configuration properties of the glue, to work characteristics of course operators need to familiar with the implementation of automatic glue water high speed dispensing work.

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