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Uneven dispensing effect of numerical control vertical high

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According to the market analysis of dispensing industry is not difficult to see that the current user consumption concept tends to automation and intelligent, so in the CNC dispensing equipment sales is very high, high speed dispensing machine is a CNC dispensing equipment, the dispensing work advantage can ring, sometimes dispensing uneven situation that is mainly caused by many reasons.
Landing CNC high speed glue dispenser
1. point glue needle wear
Dispensing mostly because of uneven wear caused by needles, needles are important parts of the dispenser, dispensing needles can support vertical high-speed use very much, because the dispensing machine needs a long time of dispensing work, if not timely observation of dispensing needle usage is easy to neglect this problem, resulting in the quality and effect of dispensing affected, if necessary, can be replaced periodically dispensing needle.
Multi tube stainless steel dot glue needle
2. gas moving point glue valve
Pneumatic dispensing valve is most dispensing machine are equipped with glue valve, pneumatic dispensing valve has the advantages of low cost and simple operation characteristics, because this gas dispensing valve inside the vertical high speed dispensing machine dependent, if the source device is not stable and easy to use effect type dispensing valve of gas leak problem there is therefore dispensing work, so the best choice for electric dispensing valve is equipped with stable work to solve the problem of uneven dispensing.
Pneumatic double liquid dispensing valve
3. point glue working parameters
Due to uneven dispensing except for the parts of the reasons, but also because the work related parameters is not adjusted, including dispensing time and dispensing frequency is normal adjustment, debugging in debugging process in the best working parameters in order to prevent the problem of uneven dispensing effect.

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