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What equipment needs to be used for large furniture dispensi

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If you want to glue to large furniture, you must use a big spot glue equipment. Then what kind of glue machine can glue to large furniture?
Large NC high speed spray machine
In order to carry large furniture, it is necessary to have a large worktable in order to use a glue dispenser to work on a large product. In addition to the need to have a wide area of the workbench, the speed of glue should also be improved accordingly.
By using high speed glue spray process can work on such objects, not only improves the speed of dispensing dispensing machine, and improve the quality of dispensing, to reduce the cost of dispensing work. The spray process can avoid scratching objects in direct contact with the object, so spraying work more obvious advantages, the dispensing mode is also called non-contact dispensing, this can avoid some problems such as: glue dispensing, wire drawing, a bad phenomenon of uneven glue, floor type high speed dispensing machine can also perform more work to complete dispensing glue the.
Large high speed spray machine vision
Floor type high speed spray machine using three axis positioning system, effectively improve the precise positioning of the object coordinates to reduce dispensing, dispensing error. Some floor type high-speed dispensers are equipped with visual system. Operators can adjust the working parameters instantly by observing the system images, which is convenient for accurate positioning of the actual glue points and further improving the accuracy of dispensing. Moreover, the floor type high-speed dispensing machine also has the function of jet calibration, which enables dispensers to maintain higher dispensing accuracy during repeated dispensing for a long time.

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