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Unequal trace of trace glue on five axis high speed glue mac

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Five axis high speed dispensing dispensing equipment is now on the market a more prominent, mainly used in micro dispensing link some small objects by dispensing, dispensing the objects more effectively, some deviations appear easily in the long time work, such as the problem of uneven dispensing path, the following are common factors the dispensing path, through some means to solve this problem.
Five shaft double liquid high speed glue machine
1. mechanical arm glue needle wear
This function performs precise micro dispensing dispensing work is mainly because of the high flexibility of five axis manipulator, in the process of long-term use without pay attention to maintenance easily in high speed dispensing process for wear deviation, dispensing needles for path wear defects caused by the deviation is the most common, after the replacement in order to ensure the effect of dispensing normal, sandpaper can make the dispensing needle sharp.
Single station five axis high speed glue machine
2. operating voltage instability
Sometimes in the high-speed dispensing process, offset a moment suddenly appeared five axis manipulator moving slowly out of gum, this case easily affect the offset dispensing path, does not meet the requirements for micro dispensing, dispensing work in high speed to avoid using large power electric device can solve the voltage instability caused by the dispensing path not all. The voltage regulator can play a certain stabilizing effect, and the number ratio of the coil turns can be changed to ensure the stability of the working voltage by voltage regulation control.
Single station multi axis high speed glue machine
Adjustment and correction of 3. point glue programming system
The programming system of the five axis high speed dispensing machine support more, with the manual teaching box as an example, when the dispensing path deviation are best to check if there are problems, such as glue and glue strength speed need adjustment, can be adjusted to slow speed dispensing glue dispensing path is more uniform and stable.

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