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Overheating of glue in high speed glue machine with multi ax

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Multi axis high-speed dispensing machine belongs to a highly efficient dispensing device, the mechanical arm through the dispensing work multi axis dispensing can carry out a variety of irregular paths, so much the higher value of sales in the market, some traditional dispensing equipment can offer, sometimes consumers will find a multi axis high speed dispensing point the glue is overheating, below by some information to share with you.
Large multi axis high speed glue dispenser
When the viscosity of the glue is too high to the phenomenon of drawing in the mechanical arm linkage of the dispensing process, mainly because of the high viscosity glue part and mechanical arm is attached to the point, when the mechanical arm is easy to pull back after dispensing glue and drawing, drawing phenomenon directly makes the bonding effect of dispensing objects becomes poor, and process effect. The heating device is the function of most dispensers. When the high viscosity glue circulates in the dispensing machine, the heating device will start and process accordingly, so there will be some temperature after the outflow of the dispensing valve.
The glue dispensing overheating actually is also a kind of adverse effects, it is easy to hurt the adhesive dispensing objects, some objects by the effect of high temperature and easy deformation, high temperature glue dripping phenomenon is easy to appear in the high-speed linkage dispensing process, this is because the temperature rise caused glue viscosity decreased, so it is best to adjust the heating device in the dispensing process the temperature in the.
Anaerobic adhesive
If the operation of the use of red glue will need to pay attention to, red glue only reached 150 degrees Celsius freezing point will solidify, the heating system just played a preheating, without considering this point of misleading, only bond effect of higher temperature adhesive more strong.

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