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What are the aspects of the application of double component

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Double high-speed liquid dispensing machine has been more and more applied to all walks of life, improve the quality of machine high speed double liquid dispensing, improve production efficiency, the product has better bonding effect, two-component glue then double liquid with high speed dispensing machine is often used, this kind of glue can be applied to what industry?
Desktop double liquid high speed glue machine
Usually, our common two component glue can be roughly divided into three categories: the first one is acrylic glue, the second is epoxy resin glue, and the third one is silicone glue. These three kinds of glue have different characteristics in composition, they are different from each other, so they also have their own advantages and disadvantages in application. The industries that they are applied to are also different. But many of them are used in two-component epoxy resin glue. Today we are going to talk about this glue.
Anaerobic glue
Two component epoxy resin glue refers to organic polymer molecules containing epoxy group two piston of more than two, in addition to the case, their relative molecular mass is not very high; but this is a kind of important thermosetting resin glue, especially it has good mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties, chemical corrosion resistance, heat resistance and adhesive properties, so use it blended epoxy resin adhesive is also known as the adhesive, this kind of glue is also widely used in chemical industry, light industry, automobile and aviation industry of water conservancy.
High viscosity double liquid dispenser
The main advantages of this two-component epoxy adhesive are: good bonding strength, versatility, many materials that can be bonded, such as metals, glass, wood, plastic and other polar materials. But it also has some defects, that is, the slow curing speed, some even need to be heated to produce curing, but this kind of glue is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

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