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How to speed up the reaction rate of double component glue

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Two-component glue has strong viscosity, wide use, large amount of advantage is more and more applied to industrial production, to enhance the quality of the glue has two liquid dispensing machine speed, improve the production efficiency, if this glue used in ordinary high-speed dispensing machine is to see what effect, sometimes not use, or even lead to equipment failure and other problems, but if it is used in high speed double liquid dispenser can well improve the efficiency and quality of dispensing dispensing.
Double liquid high speed glue machine
Although the two-component glue has many advantages, but in the process of using two-component glue will also appear in the reaction rate slow, so this situation also plagued the majority of users, seriously restrict the production efficiency, so how can we find the solution, following on from the small business to all users the simple answer to this question.
Two component glue is generally divided into two parts: A, B, and two parts are separately packed. If there is a slow rate of glue reflecting speed, there are usually only two possibilities. The first is to debug only one, and does not mix the B in proportion as a result, thus causing a slow reaction. The second case is that a and B are not allocated according to a reasonable proportion. Therefore, after finishing the glue, it is difficult for the glue to get the action of the catalyst, so there is a reason for slow reaction rate.
Large double component high speed glue machine
Another reason for the slow reaction rate of two component glue is that the influence of room temperature can also determine the curing speed of glue. Generally speaking, the higher the stability is, the faster the reaction rate of glue is, and vice versa, the lower the temperature is, the slower the reaction rate of glue is.

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