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How to clean the high speed anodic oxidation aluminum dispen

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In our products often need to use the dispenser, dispensing machine is now making use of aluminum metal is mainly made of metal, we sprayed alumina mulch protects the long service life of machine in the above on the surface. Modern high speed dispensing machine is superior in performance, but in the usual maintenance on how to maintain a good anodic oxidation aluminum anodized aluminum dispenser, prevention of high speed dispensing machine problems in use.
Double station high-speed glue dispenser
1, in the high speed dispensing needle dispensing machine cleaning, we use the general cleaning method to clean the dispensing machine is not enough, should first be dispensing machine static to dissolve the glue solidification in the needle residue in a suitable solvent, after we began cleaning high speed dispensing head. The outside of the dispensing needle can be cleaned with ordinary detergent. And cleaning the needle orifice, because the pinhole is small, if we use suitable solvent to spray the inner hole, and then use compressed air to blow away the remaining impurities in the hole, to ensure that the needle dry.
High speed automatic dispensing machine ab
2, used in anodic oxidation of aluminum high speed cleaning glue dispensing of the metal template, the cleaning agent will cause corrosion on its own and adhesive, so we must first carry on the aluminum before cleaning a pre cleaning procedures and cleaning a template in the use of powerful cleaning agent. Note that the manual cleaning, in the whole process, the detergent can not contact with the patch gum, and finally use a general cleaning agent to clean it once completed.
Special cleaning agent for dispensing machine
3, we in the high-speed cleaning plastic template, may appear static site cleaning speed dispensing machine, so we should use professional anti-static cleaning agent cleaning speed, but also pay attention to a problem that is in clear plastic, cloth to avoid the use of manual cleaning, because it is easy to scratch the plastic template, so long will make the product dispensing quality problems.

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