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What is the advantage of a double liquid high speed glue mac

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Now more and more industries to use high speed double liquid dispensing machine to complete the bonding operation, therefore high speed double liquid dispensing machine in industry production more and more widely, so why high-speed double liquid dispensing machine can is popular in the market, and its component dispensing machine and what kind of difference and advantage in performance. So? Following on from the small system to give you the user to introduce two liquid dispensing speed advantage?
Double liquid multi axis high speed glue dispenser
In rubber industry, often on the high-speed double liquid dispenser and dispensing machine is one component of confusion, difference between the two liquid type dispenser and dispensing component lies in the use of glue. Generally speaking: if the use of glue is two kinds of components, so this type of dispensing machine is called a double liquid dispensing speed if you use the glue machine; just a fraction, then this type of dispenser is called single dispensing machine.
One component of high-speed automatic dispensing machine
In fact, the true meaning of these two types of equipment is no different, are used in glue dispensing automation equipment. But there are some differences or in the dispensing operation, the difference lies in the two component high speed dispensing machine is usually to say than single component glue dispensing more confidential, but two component high speed there are some single component dispenser dispensing machine without process, such as mixing, mixing and so on.
Double liquid high speed glue machine
Dispensing equipment used by manufacturers is according to the manufacturers of the actual needs of the glue to decide, two-component glue usually in performance are more complex than single component, but the two-component glue in adhesion more firmly, because there is a two-component glue glue catalyst and two mixed chemical the reaction. Therefore, two-component glue has better storage, after the curing effect is better. So the two liquid dispensing machine in high speed production still has many advantages than single dispenser.

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