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How to solve the counterposition at the time of the glue

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Dispenser plays an important role in the manufacturing industry. There are many dispensing equipment in dispensing industry, which can provide users with dispensing, such as automatic high-speed dispensing machine, three axis precise dispensing machine, and targeted LED automatic dispensing machine and so on, which is widely applied in the industry. It is a common problem in the work that the dispensing of glue is not accurate. Through the resetting of the glue dispenser, it can effectively solve the problem of the inaccuracy of the spot glue work.
Single station full automatic high speed glue machine
Dispensing alignment is possible because the dispensing needle, needles in the long-term use will appear more or less abrasion and deviation, if not promptly adjust easily affect the precision dispensing, dispensing path deviation is because the needle wear problem, through the grinding needles have precision dispensing effect, can prolong the dispensing work quality.
Three axle full automatic high speed glue machine
Set the correct parameters contribute to the accurate dispensing work, because the accuracy is affected by dispensing glue coordinates set, especially the influence of the height of the Z axis dispensing accuracy greatly, so before the execution of the work to carry out commissioning dispensing, to strengthen dispensing accuracy.
In fact, the quality of the dispensing may also affect the dispensing work precision, our market is filled with imitation dispensing machine very much, the production of rough and did not reach the corresponding precision, so the dispensing alignment may also be due to actuator quality standards.
Visual high speed glue machine
Most have originality in controlled dispensing adhesive dispensing work, high-speed dispensing machine vision positioning system can help users with high accuracy, measurement of glue can not only avoid the alignment problems, but also will use glue and other supplies to reach the maximum rate, to help users get more high demand for dispensing work.

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