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In what industries can the visual high speed glue machine be

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Responsible for dispensing equipment and packaging adhesive work for most manufacturing industries, including dispensing machine vision high-speed dispensing machine and other kinds of differences, through the visual positioning system can work fast and precise dispensing for different products, the scope of vision high-speed dispensing very wide, adhesive coating work in most industries can be performed by high speed dispensing machine vision.
Vertical visual high speed glue machine
In the development of the electronics industry in the field of PCB, circuit board of modern machinery and equipment to help very large, equipped with PCB circuit board so that the equipment can work normally, the electronic components should be firmly bonded together with the PCB board, visual high-speed dispensing machine will be responsible for bonding work on electronic components, the visual system can immediately reflect dispensing at work on the screen, convenient for the operators to be modified according to actual demand, to provide important help to the production of electronic products, high-speed dispensing work mode can solve the high demand for the production of electronic industry.
Large visual high speed glue machine
The lighting industry relies more on the adhesive dispensing equipment, work products of LED chip package, LED lamp and the bottom frame are required to perform the dispensing equipment, lighting industry quality and demand of the chip package is very high, the high speed visual dispensing machine complete high demand point glue effect is very good, high speed dispensing machine vision application on chip package work can ensure the production efficiency but also can enhance the performance of the chip, the glue coated packaging can enhance the effect of signal transmission, have a certain effect of dust and moisture. Through the high-speed and precise dispensing, the bonding strength of the lamp and the lamp rack can be maximized. The long-term application of lighting is not easy to take part in the defective parts. It is an essential tool for the lighting industry.

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