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How does the on-line high speed glue dispenser work early wa

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The factory in production is generally there will be a lot of machinery in the operation, it can cause a chain of production, from material to finished in one step, not only can increase the speed of production, but also can reduce the occurrence of defective products, in addition to some complex industry, need a few parts of assembled products.
Double station automatic full speed glue dispenser
The factory there are many products are need to use the dispensing machine, in order to be able to keep up with the speed of other processes, before is the accumulation of products in the dispensing position, semi automatic dispensing machine always keep up with the speed of dispensing, if accelerated dispensing, dispensing quality will deteriorate, so now is the online type high speed dispensing machine, this the dispensing machine can be used in the pipeline, high speed dispensing mode, and can guarantee the quality of dispensing.
Double head double station high-speed glue dispenser
The use of online dispensing machines not only allows high speed dispensing, but also other benefits. It is equipped with an infrared inspection device for testing product quality and dispensing quality. Some of the products in a process occurs when the bad online dispenser can use infrared detection function it singled out, not to know in dispensing it, with a staff of this product is defective.
The use of this dispenser can detect the quality of dispensing, dispensing bad will happen warning appears, on-line dispensing machine occasional dispensing, using infrared real-time product and dispenser can be detected, reduce adverse goods production.
Double end double station high speed glue dispenser for aluminium profile
Online type high speed dispensing machine can reduce the influence of voltage, which is an advantage, dispensing machine is not affected to the dispensing quality voltage of a factory is not stable, can reduce the production of defective goods, the use of this dispenser can also speed to solve, also not to pile up bored, the road will be smooth production enterprises many.

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