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How is the high demand glue machine to finish the high deman

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Belongs to the high speed visual glue dispensing technology in all dispensing the best, with the manufacturing process and the use of accessories have a great relationship, generally the only dispenser dispensing valve, hand-held controller, pneumatic tuner, dispensing machine frame, plastic bucket and motor, etc. These configuration and accessories, and high speed vision use the dispenser dispensing machine than the general manufacturing technology is complex, the visual system uses the technology far beyond general dispensing, so to be able to use the machine vision high-speed dispensing industry is very much.
Large visual high speed glue machine
General good is the dispenser for dispensing a small industry, high speed visual dispensing machine is no exception, commonly used in electronics, digital camera, mobile phone chip, etc., these are tiny electronics, for dispensing accuracy requirements are very high, and a high speed dispensing machine vision like are used in the production line, very few for a single production.
Although the current domestic industry development is very rapid, dispensing of many kinds have been eliminated, but the visual high-speed dispensing machine is still standing at the top of the dispensing machine, it is not unreasonable, the use of accessories are over now all the dispensing equipment, especially in the mobile phone industry. Now, more and more mobile phone thin, more and more parts, dispensing process requirements are very high, there is a problem will affect the quality of the mobile phone, all the visual high-speed dispensing machine production is to ensure the quality of mobile phone.
Ground type visual high speed glue dispenser
High speed dispensing machine vision complete high demand requires the use of dispensing, vision system, this system can help locate the dispensing products, but also can detect whether the product quality problems, if there is quality problem is not just for dispensing, visual system has such functions, for these precision industries is very appropriate.

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