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How to solve the uneven gluing rate of multi position high s

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High speed dispensing glue are not appear there are many problems, every aspect of the problem will affect the quantity of cement, so in the use of high-speed dispensing process need to pay attention to the use of methods, only in accordance with the correct use and maintenance methods to reduce the problem of uneven glue, especially multi station high speed dispensing machine at the same time, because the high speed dispensing machine for dispensing for several products.
Silicone double station high speed glue dispenser
The dispensing machine is not used in the production line, in order to enhance its dispensing velocity on the substrate installed several working table, so you can also use this product dispensing, dispensing has its advantages and disadvantages, because the multi station high speed dispensing machine some problems will be different degrees of dispensing errors, such as the quantity of cement not all, some of the products the glue will appear uneven, rework will be more trouble, so to prevent these dispensing problems.
Double station automatic full speed glue dispenser
The quantity of cement is usually caused by a few, are the glue concentration, pressure, glue, glue time, this will affect the glue, to multi station high speed dispensing glue evenly to solve these problems, for each problem investigation, convenient to solve the problem.
If the concentration of glue, glue concentration is small, need to use small needles, and the use of large needles, multi station high speed dispensing machine is generally 6 to 8 kPa pressure, as long as the stability in a numerical do not appear uneven glue, behind the two only need time in the programming software set the basic problem, not what.
Three axis automatic high speed dispenser
The use of multi station high-speed dispensing machine should pay special attention to details, this high-speed dispenser with other types of high-speed dispensing machine is different, dispensing requirements are particularly strict, so in the maintenance of particular attention to the details of cleaning.

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