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Which industry needs to be used to the visual high speed glu

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High speed dispensing machine which can use the visual industry, a great relationship with the dispensing technology, the general application of dispensing good technology industry will also be more, now need high speed dispensing machine industry vision in microelectronics industry, semiconductor industry, high-end LED lighting industry, these industries need high-speed dispensing machine vision, because the other is unable to complete the dispenser dispensing.
Large vertical visual high speed glue machine
In addition to the above industries, there are many industries need to use visual high-speed dispensing machines, such as: PC board, relay, LCD and other industries, because of the effect of dispensing machine vision high-speed dispensing is better, so the use of the industry will be much, but the price is more expensive than the dispensing machine, some companies can not afford to spend so the price, so as to choose the dispensing equipment what more the possible effect of no visual high-speed dispensing machine, but also can complete the task of dispensing.
Ground type visual high speed glue dispenser
High precision dispensing, need technical and support to complete the task of dispensing accessories, high-speed dispensing machine to complete the high demand for visual dispensing have technical support, there is no visual system, the dispenser can not be dispensed in the electronics industry and the LED lighting industry, and make use of other accessories dispensing accuracy can achieve 0.001mm dispensing accuracy, is 100 times that of ordinary glue machine.
Large visual high speed glue machine
High speed dispensing machine vision in addition to microelectronic dispensing, but also can be encapsulated in the mobile phone industry, you can use a variety of dispensing mode, in order to meet the needs of the industry more, not only in the use of dispensing dispensing technology can meet the needs of the industry, also need to model to meet these requirements, because of the use of the industry may need different machine mode of dispensing, such as mobile phone industry needs some position dispensing, some positions need package, so use a variety of patterns is the essential technical vision high-speed dispensing machine.

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